What to expect from Scotch & Sofa on Black Friday

Is there anything else people are talking about besides Black Friday?

No, not really. So we're going to fill you in on what we have got planned for Black Friday which is one of the biggest days of the year for most retailers.

Due to our materials being locally sourced, where we take complete control of the design work and manufacturing we don't have the leeway a lot of other companies do in terms of massive discounts and price reduction.

BUT, that doesn't mean we're not going to come to the party this year. We will be having a SITEWIDE SALE of 15% which will run from Friday the 27th November until Monday the 30th of November.

The sale will include all of our products that are already on sale too. What does that mean for you? SALE ON A SALE, that's what. Looking forward to it yet?

Obviously, there is some stock that will be limited, so if you've made it this far into our post then we've got some exciting news for you, we've been sneaky and already added a discount code to our website.

The code is BLACKFRIDAY and it gives you 15% off sitewide before the sale goes live next week Friday.

Enjoy 15% off on all your favourite home interior decorations found in the world of Scotch & Sofa before the madness begins.

Click here and enjoy.


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