Our One of a Kind Pop Art Explained

We thought that this week it would be a good idea to dive into our Pop Art and the process behind it.

So let us explain it, our Pop Art is made from plexiglass, and with the plexiglass, we can only use a maximum of five colours due to the layering process each piece undergoes when they come together to create the image you see.

Now, keep in mind, an image needs to be created from this layering, so our designer Mitch, has to sketch the piece on his program ensuring that when each part is finally cut, the layers can come together, which results in the images you see on our website and in our store.

Finally, Scotch & Sofa doesn't use anybody else's images or designs. Mitch is the creative drive behind each piece and the sole designer of our weird and wonderful Pop Art.

You can view the full collection here.


Pop Art display image used for Scotch & Sofa.










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