Neon Lights are back but are you backing them?

What do we want to talk about? Neon Signs

Neon Signs started in Europe in the 1920s and quickly came to America where it exploded in the 1930s, at this point neon lights were everywhere and became quite the novelty.

Everyone wanted one up until the 1970s, where suddenly they were viewed as tasteless and overly commercial. Their numbers declined but many people still saw the magic in neon lights!

Fast forward to today, AND THEY'RE BACK! Increasing in popularity, a lot like other trends, they're now seen as a beautiful piece of art that translates a message or an aesthetic that seriously grabs your attention because the colour and style is just so stimulating.

You wouldn't normally find a neon sign in a person's home, but nowadays if you do, you're seeing an interior that's truly been transformed by a statement piece, which most likely grabbed your attention before anything else in the room.

We expanded on our Neon Lights range because it's the art piece that every interior enthusiast is looking for. You no longer need to wait until a night out to enjoy a beautifully lit up neon sign, shop Scotch & Sofa, and enjoy them as a home decoration piece.

Link to our Neon Lights collection:


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  • Please do not call the LED strip lights you sell neon lights – it’s not !
    You might want to investigate – and be amazed what NEON lamps really are about…

    Jan Gertenbach

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