A Deeper Look at Lamps

Sculpture Lamps from Scotch & Sofa.


We're immensely passionate about lights at Scotch & Sofa, our passion stems from what lighting does to the mood and atmosphere of a room.

A lighting fixture that we feel needs more attention from home enthusiasts are lamps. The role lamps play in energizing an interior are seldomly focused on. A lamp can impact your space where functional zones are created through the use of clever interior decorating and placement.

Think of a lamp as two parts, its physical appearance, which will be highlighted throughout most of the day, and the functionality at night. During the day you want your lamp to bring across your style, mirroring your artistic taste while playing off the architectural details of the room. As the sun sets, your lamps chance to accentuate itself arrives. A beautiful warm light accompanied by a silhouette created by your lampshade makes for a wonderfully warm presence.

Choosing between table lamps and floor lamps can be based on the scale of your room. Essentially, you need to ask yourself what the purpose of the room is. Large rooms with high ceilings may require a lamp that is more noticeable in size. A floor lamp might be in your best interest here.

We've designed many lamps over the years, refining our collection every time. What we've got now is a collection built around confidence. Lamps that compliment interiors and radiate personalities of their own. Incorporating one of our sculpture lamps into your space may seem somewhat challenging but lets us help you. See what resonates with you, let yourself feel, let's elevate your space together.

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