2020, That's a Wrap.

That's a wrap.

Wow, what an unexpected year. A year that will never be forgotten but not so much remembered for the right reasons.

COVID-19 had a massive impact on many businesses, many boomed, others fell while some learned and grew. We were amongst those that learned and grew. This year challenged us, we never felt the need to enter the online space when all of a sudden there was no time more necessary than now.

We went ahead and designed a new website which would act as a fully functional e-commerce platform. Social Media was the next hurdle, we decided to start using our once very dormant Facebook page and created an Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn account.

The online space looks so easy until you enter it, content is king, and reaching the right audience isn’t easy. Also, you need to have someone looking after it 24/7. We hired someone to do that (might just be me), and then it was all systems go.

Right now, we have 2020 to thank for that. Establishing our online presence in a very competitive home decoration market has come with great challenges but for us, the journey has just begun.

We look forward to next year and want to thank all our Scotch & Sofa fans for the continuous support. We don't believe in ordinary and 2021 will be no different.


Thank you, 2020.















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